What We Do

New York City is a great city in great need!

Over eight million people call New York City their home – people that are truly from every tribe, tongue, and nation. It is a world renowned metropolitan city where you can do anything and get anything you want. From exotic food to endless nightlife, you’ll find it in New York City. Unfortunately, the one thing that’s hard to find are churches that teach the doctrine’s of God’s sovereign grace.

The elders at North Shore Baptist Church in Bayside, Queens, led by pastor Ed Moore, have a heavy burden to see God glorified in this vast city. They long to see Him exalted by the preaching, teaching, and living out the doctrines of sovereign grace. Their concern has moved them to create Doctrines of Grace Church Planters, Inc.

What is Doctrines of Grace Church Planters, Inc.?

Doctrines of Grace Church Planters is a non-profit organization that plants doctrines of grace churches throughout the New York City area. Our mission is to spread the gospel of grace through doctrinally sound churches in this multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city. We believe if you reach New York City, you reach the world.

How does Doctrines of Grace Church Planters work?

Doctrines of Grace Church Planters finds, interviews, and places gifted and qualified men to establish and pastor new church plants. They also research neighborhoods that would be best suited for a new work. Once a pastor is in place we will assist him with prayer, council, a salary, support, and manpower.

Why the need for Doctrines of Grace Church Planters?

The need is great. With over five thousand places of worship in New York City, there are only a handful of churches that preach and teach the doctrines of grace. The God of the Bible is not accurately represented nor glorified in the vast majority of these assemblies.

Are there any doctrines of grace church plants?

Yes! Currently, we have assisted in planting three doctrines of grace churches. See our Church Plant page for more information.

How can I support Doctrines of Grace Church Planters?

See our Support page for more information.