Don’t take our word for it, here’s what other people are saying about us:

Dr. James White

Author and Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries

“Millions of people live and work in the area around New York City, and yet there are very, very few churches in the region that uphold solid, robust, biblical theology, especially as seen in the doctrines of grace, those precious truths of the gospel that are so clearly taught in Scripture, and yet are so often abandoned so as to seek to please the sensibilities of men. Such churches are a necessity if this intensely populated area is to see a reformation and a revival of godliness. Doctrines of Grace Grace Church Planters need your help to fund these sound churches.”

Dr. D A Carson

Author and Seminary Professor

"I urge people to support this ministry. Its potential is enormous not only in New York City, but other cities as well."

Dr. Michael G. Haykin

Author and Seminary Professor

"I think this ministry is vital because it seeks to establish the churches on a solid base of biblical Christianity."

Dr. Tedd Tripp

Author, Pastor & Conference Speaker

"In this day when even the existence of the church is under attack, it is encouraging to see a focus on planting local churches. Doctrines of Grace Church Planters is a ministry that should be supported in every possible way. The answer to America's problems is not more government programs; it is in vital churches where the gospel of grace is taught, embraced, believed and lived."